At EthOss we are committed to our role in creating environmental and societal opportunities, whilst overcoming the challenges that the world faces.

Take a look at our 2021 Corporate Responsibility Report. Read about our sustainability goals, our contributions and our main priorities going forward.

Our Vision

Let’s start with why. At the core of EthOss is a vision to create better outcomes for patients – those who are vulnerable to the way we operate our business. Why? Because every human is entitled to honest, ethical care.

Our vision is to set the standard in True Host Bone Regeneration. We know that our vision is bigger than us and it goes beyond our company and our products. Together, working alongside dental communities we endeavour to end the use of unnecessary animal or human-derived content in bone augmentation procedures and create a better world with true host bone regeneration.

Creating a world of enlightened smiles – this is how we plan to actively live our vision and business operations…

Our Values

EthOss is a small business with exceptional ambitions.

We realise these ambitions through a decentralised strategy behind which every employee is aligned, working as a team and embodying our corporate culture and values.

We have three core values that represent who we are as a company, helping us Grow Stronger as a business, personally and professionally.

Our business is built on strong ethical foundations, delivering animal-free products which are available to all patients. This commitment is deeply rooted in our culture and we will continue to embody the highest standard of ethics in all behaviour from professional, personal and environmental standpoints. All stakeholders will be treated with thoughtful honesty, transparency, integrity and respect for their cultures.

Every interaction with our business should be a thoughtful, positive experience, for all stakeholders. We seek to delight our customers by creating experiences, products and services that have lasting value for them. We are committed to offering the highest levels of service, nurturing customers through exceptional account management and delivery. Our default answer will be “yes”.

We are constantly striving for the best results in every area of the business including customer service, product design and innovation, R&D, marketing and events. We will deliver excellence in everything that we do, striving to constantly push boundaries and move beyond the status quo, capitalising on every market opportunity to “set the standard” within the bone regeneration sector.

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