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Move on from Guided Bone Regeneration and discover True Bone Regeneration. Our innovative bone grafting material has an integrated membrane for quick application and predictable results. It’s no wonder EthOss is trusted by a fast growing number of dentists and distributors worldwide. Welcome to the new standard.

Grow Strong Bone Faster

Proven to grow 50% new bone in just 12 weeks. Works with the body’s healing process by creating a calcium-rich environment and is completely absorbed.

Grow Simpler

EthOss removes the need for donor grafts and artificial scaffolds. A built-in barrier eliminates the need for extra membranes and speeds up application. The result? A fast process with customers reporting low pain.

Grow Safer

100% Synthetic. No Risk of cross-contamination.

Grow Your Results

True Bone Regeneration means high patient satisfaction, reassuring reliability and fast results. No wonder it’s used by forward-thinking dental implantologists around the world.


EthOss works predictably for me to both regenerate bone and also improve soft tissue type and profile. I use it daily.

Dominic O’Hooley - UK

After years of using a variety of materials, EthOss feels like I’m cheating… The results speak for themselves.

Andrew Fish - UK

Once I saw the results and patient satisfaction, there was no going back.

Michael Ainsworth - UK

When I discovered EthOss®, the safest biomaterial that I have used so far, my implant practice totally changed.

Dr Alaa Khadiri, DDS - Morocco

I have found that EthOss®represents a major breakthrough with respect to predictability and outcomes.

Dr. Howard Koch - UK

I think that EthOss® is the most important breakthrough in grafting since I started placing implants. The results are astounding.

Dr Michael Ainsworth - UK

The bone was solid and plentiful. I was amazed and delighted.

Brett Garner - UK

Removing the need for a separate collagen membrane makes the material much easier to handle, I would recommend EthOss to any dental implantologist!

Mr Ludwig Hansson - Sweden

I have been using grafting materials for over 18 years and EthOss® is the first material to give predictable results.

Dr. Med. Dent M. Bras da Silva - Germany

An absolute must for any implant dentist – the results are both quick and efficient.

Dr Avik Dandapa - UK

Synthetic graft materials have come a long way, we have to consider Synthetic materials that work. EthOss® is one of such materials.

Dr Irene Amrore - UK

Case Study:

Anterior Concavity

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Case Study:

Buccal Defect

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