What is EthOss and why do I need it?

Choosing to have dental implants is choosing to make life better

When you lose a tooth, it’s common for the bone in your jaw to recede. EthOss is a calcium-rich material that helps grow your bone back to a healthy level (also known as bone grafting). This provides a strong foundation for your dental implant. EthOss is applied under your gum as a white paste and works with your body’s natural healing process.

As well as helping your body to grow strong new bone, it’s safe (with no animal content) and it has been shown to grow bone faster than alternatives.


Creating a world of enlightened smiles.

Our vision is simple, yet ambitious: to set the new standard in True Host Bone Regeneration for better patient outcomes. We believe everyone is entitled to a healthy smile and ethical dental care. To achieve this, medical professionals need quality products they can count on. EthOss is pioneering the use of 100% synthetic bone grafting material, with no human or animal content, so no risk or cross-infection. It’s how we’re revolutionising dental implant surgery. So medical professionals can treat with greater predictability and confidence, and patients can get the smile they deserve faster than alternatives. Welcome to the new standard.

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Fully absorbed into your body, as its replaced by strong, healthy new bone, increasing the longevity of your new tooth.


100% synthetic. There’s no human or animal content, so no risk of cross-infection.


EthOss is fully absorbed as its replaced by new healthy host bone.


Made with next-generation biocompatible materials.


Made with next-generation biocompatible materials.


Made with next-generation biocompatible materials.


EthOss awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise

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