The best dentists don’t stand still. They’re always growing. Developed by a dentist, for dentists, EthOss helps patients grow back their bone, with no graft particles left behind.

Born from a desire to move beyond traditional “GBR”, donor grafts and artificial scaffolds, EthOss® was created to pioneer True Host Bone Regeneration in dentistry and oral surgery. The initial concept was simple: “the body wants to heal, let’s work with it”. This was key to the development of EthOss - a grafting material which works with the body, upregulating the host healing response to regenerate lost bone.

Founded by Dr Peter Fairbairn, a world-renowned clinician, and Dr Paul Harrison, a leading bone regeneration industry expert, the company has grown significantly since being founded in 2013 and is now a global brand.

EthOss' Innovative Approach Is A Step Forward In Several Ways:

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Its built-in calcium sulphate binder helps stabilise the graft and prevent soft tissue ingress, eliminating the need for an added collagen membrane.


EthOss comes in a handy syringe applicator, in three sizes – 0.25cc, 0.5cc and 1cc. It’s easy to mix and quick to apply, and because it keeps its volume well, there’s no need for over-packing.


EthOss is 100% synthetic. There’s no human or animal content, so no risk of cross-contamination.


EthOss is fully absorbed into the body, as it’s replaced by new healthy host bone.

EthOss® is intended to fill, augment, or reconstruct bony defects of the oral and maxillofacial region including:

• Infrabony defects
• Alveolar ridge augmentation
• Dental extraction sites

Technical Information


65% beta tricalcium phosphate, (βTCP) Ca3(PO4)2, 35% calcium sulfate CaSO4

Resorption time

Full resorption usually over following 6-12 months.

Mixing agent

Standard sterile saline (0.9% Sodium Chloride) only

Recommended re-entry time

12 weeks

Units available

3 x 0.25cc, 3 x 0.5cc, 3 x 1cc

Trusted Materials, Innovative Combination

EthOss is a combination of 65% ß Tricalcium Phosphate & 35% Calcium Sulphate.

This innovative combination is key to its success.

Why ß-Tricalcium Phosphate ( ß -TCP )?

ß-TCP has been used medically for many years and is widely researched and trusted, with several benefits which make it particularly suitable for dentistry:

  • Full resorption in line with the rate of new host bone formation
  • Osteoconductive
  • High osteoinductive potential with a large research base in this area
  • Patient preference – no concerns over donor tissue or cross infection risks
  • All ß-TCP is not the same – EthOss uses the latest generation of ß-TCP

Why Calcium Sulphate?

The oldest recorded biomaterial, Calcium Sulphate has been used in surgery for over 120 years. Whilst it does not possess the same bone regeneration capabilities as ß-TCP, Calcium Sulphate brings one major benefit to the equation: it sets in situ, creating a stable graft with an integrated cell-occlusive barrier. This helps prevent soft tissue ingress, removing the need for a separate collagen membrane and giving the periosteum (and related blood supply) direct access to the graft site from day one.

Degranulation Burs

Effectively preparing a site for grafting is a key part of the procedure

EthOss Degranulation Kits are designed to remove degranulation tissue and debris from a site prior to grafting

EthOss Case Studies Book


EthOss awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise

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