Simple answers to Frequently Asked Questions. You can always discuss them in more detail with your dentist.

EthOss is used to grow your bone back to a healthy level. This bone loss is often caused by having a tooth extracted or lost, or by gum disease. Without a tooth to support it, the bone in your jaw will recede and will not grow back on its own, often making it impossible to secure an implant. EthOss will encourage your bone to grow back, helping to secure an implant.

EthOss is a synthetic product based on minerals found in your body. It creates the ideal calcium-rich environment for new bone growth. EthOss contains no animal products.

Yes – EthOss is manufactured to strict quality standards. It has been used in over 100,000 surgical procedures worldwide.

EthOss is broken down by your body and completely absorbed by your new bone as it grows.

“Natural” products contain a natural bone source in their mixture. This can come from several sources – bovine (cow), porcine (pig) or equine (horse). When these products are being used in a bone grafting procedure, they may not be fully absorbed, staying in your body forever.

As a synthetic product, EthOss is simple. You don’t have to worry about the potential risk of cross-infection from using other sources of bone.

No. Some other products are sourced from human bone, either from the body of a deceased person, or the patient’s body. By contrast, EthOss is synthetic and contains no human content.

Most older bone grafting materials require a collagen membrane. These membranes, which are often made with collagen from pigs, are needed to protect the material and keep it stable. But because EthOss is made from an innovative combination of synthetic materials it removes the need for a separate membrane, making your procedure simpler.

No. With some other bone grafting procedures, bone must be taken from a different part of your body (e.g. chin, jaw or hip). This is an uncomfortable process and can present issues. EthOss removes the need to do this.

Caring for your implant is very important. Your dentist will give you precise guidelines after your procedure, but we’ve listed few tips that can help below.

• Continue brushing as normal – simply avoid the implant area until any tenderness subsides
• Avoid touching the area directly
• Try to avoid wearing dentures for a few days, especially at night
• Avoid hot drinks, alcohol and smoking

• Care for your new tooth just like a normal tooth
• Brush under and around your crown
• Avoid very hard-bristled toothbrushes and abrasive toothpastes
• Floss daily with tape or floss that’s made for use with implants

Put simply, because implants can work better with EthOss. Unlike older alternatives, EthOss uses advanced biocompatible materials to grow stronger bone. It is totally replaced by the patient’s own bone. And because it’s completely free from animal content, it’s safer too. All these reasons make EthOss the smart choice for modern dental implants that last.