A New Approach to EthOss in Old-Healed Sites

Speaker: Dr Stefan Anca

In this webinar, Dr. Stefan Anca will share his extensive experience using Ethoss in dental procedures spanning over six years. He will delve into the complexities of bone grafting, discussing the challenges he faced and the innovative solutions he developed. Dr. Anca's exploration of successful cases within the EthOss Case Studies Group led him to question the factors contributing to both successes and failures. He observed a distinct pattern: cases involving older extractions with dense, mineralized bone often resulted in poor outcomes due to a lack of fresh cells for regeneration.

Drawing inspiration from an experiment by general surgeons and also in the cases within the EthOss Case Studies Group, Dr. Anca recognized the importance of inflammation in the healing process. Leveraging his experience with accelerated orthodontic procedures, specifically corticotomy, he found a solution. By inducing temporary bone loss and inflammation through corticotomy, Dr. Anca enhanced the healing process in implant cases with old, dense bone.

During the webinar, Dr. Anca will discuss the meticulous implementation of corticotomy, comparing techniques involving burs and piezotom. He will share insights from studies conducted by experts like Prof. Serge Dibart and Dr. Elif Keser, emphasizing the effectiveness of piezotom in stimulating bone inflammation and regeneration. Dr. Anca's staged approach, validated through his own cases, ensures consistent and reliable results, addressing the challenges posed by bone resorption and implant positioning. Attendees can expect to gain valuable insights into Dr. Anca's systematic and innovative protocol, enhancing their understanding of successful bone grafting techniques.