The clinical evidence supporting the superior results of EthOss is growing by the day.

Helping the host regenerate hard and soft tissues

Stability without membranes

Novel synthetics and traditional xenografts

Bone grafting using a novel in situ hardening synthetic material with simultaneous early implant placement. A case report highlighting a new approach.

A new approach with an in-situ self-hardening grafting material

Ein neuer Therapieansatz mit einem in situ selbsthärtenden Augmentationsmaterial

True bone regeneration for long-term tissue stability

Alveolar Ridge Preservation Using a Novel Synthetic Grafting Material: A Case with Two-Year Follow-Up

Nuovi materiali, nuovi protocolli: un cambiamento paradigmatico nella rigenerazione ossea. Un caso clinico

Augmentation osseuse à l’aide d’un matériaude greffe particulé alloplastique et implantation simultanée : présentation d’un cas clinique

Simplified protocol, successful results

Novel Graft Material with New Protocol in GBR; Use in Sinus Augmentation Using a Lateral Window

Protocol for Bone Augmentation with Simultaneous Early Implant Placement: A Retrospective Multicenter Clinical Study

Revised protocols – October 2015

The body wants to heal

Der Körper will heilen

Implant Placement with Simultaneous Bone Grafting Using a Novel Alloplastic Particulate Graft Material