Dr Costa Nicolopoulos has been a full-time specialist in Maxillo-Facial & Oral Surgery since 1991. To date, he has placed over 40,000 dental implants.

In this webinar, Dr Costa will discuss his experiences of using EthOss bone grafting material in immediate implant procedures. He will share some of the most complex cases including Zygomatic implant cases which have achieved excellent outcomes and offer his insight on how you can develop your techniques. Cases include subcrestal sinus lifting using EthOss with the Versah Osseodensification system and will be shown in both the aesthetic and the posterior zone.

Costa will demonstrate how these techniques can be best used to achieve predictable and reproducible successful results.


Topic: Immediate Implant Placement with Immediate Loading
Hosted By: PeteWheeler
Category: Future Webinars

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