November 13, 2019

Using EthOss for Socket Preservation and Immediate Implant Placements in the Aesthetic Zone – Dr Jonny Cochrane

During this webinar, Jonny shares his experiences of using EthOss bone grafting material for socket preservation and assisting immediate implant placements in the aesthetic zone. The discussion reveals several case studies, showing how these techniques can be best used to achieve predictably successful results.

The discussion includes:

  • Tips for achieving optimum EthOss particulate integrity and retention, thereby ensuring predictable bone regeneration.
  • Acknowledgement of the challenges in immediate implant placements, including the importance of thorough site degranulation and considered flap design.
  • Jonny’s treatment protocols for socket preservation and immediate implant placements in the aesthetic zone.
  • Case studies showing consistently reliable results via careful clinical application.

About the speaker:
Jonny is an ambitious young implant dentist who has been placing and restoring dental implants for 5 years now, regularly performing all aspects of dental implant surgery; including staged bone grafting, sinus surgery, guided bone regeneration and immediate full arch implant bridges. He is particularly passionate about being able to rebuild his patients smiles; working in the aesthetic zone with immediate implant placements.

Jonny is the Principal of a 6-surgery, 9x dentist, private dental practice right in the heart of Bristol, open 7 days/week. He also places implants in High Wycombe and Bournemouth as a visiting dental implant surgeon and places over 200 implants/year, both bone and tissue level. He has recently started to become more involved with the teaching side of implant dentistry and relishes the unique challenges with which it presents.