April 9, 2020

Socket Graft vs Delayed Implant Placement – Protocols and Case Selection – Dr Nicolas Widmer

Research has shown that up to 50% of bone volume may be lost following extraction, therefore preserving and regenerating the dimensions of a site post-extraction is vital to allow for effective implant placement. During this session, Dr. med. dent. Nicolas Widmer (Switzerland) discusses implantology from the perspective of a general practitioner, showcasing how to achieve effective, predictable results using simplified True Host Bone Regeneration clinical techniques. This includes a particular focus on the relative benefits of socket grafting (including the importance of effectively covering any exposed graft material) versus delayed implant placement. The presentation features several case studies from Dr Widmer’s own clinical experience, exploring True Host Bone Regeneration techniques with EthOss and other innovative implantology tools.

About the speaker:
Dr Widmer has been placing implants since 2006. His extensive CV includes: Master in Implantology GIDE / UCLA, Update in Implantology UFSC, Master in Aesthetic Dentistry UFSC, Lecturer in Dentistry at the University of Bern and Course Director for Osstem Implantate Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Please note this webinar is a specialist presentation intended for dental professionals only, it is not a suitable event for the general public.