March 30, 2020

Introduction to Grafting Techniques Using EthOss – Dr Howard Koch

This webinar is designed for clinicians who are unfamiliar with EthOss bone grafting material, with Dr Howard Koch (UK) giving an overview of the tools and techniques which allow him to achieve predictable, successful results on a daily basis.

The discussion will include:
– Soft tissue flap design
– Effective degranulation/cleaning of the site
– Material placement
– Wound closure and follow up

About the speaker:

Howard graduated from the Royal Dental Hospital, Leicester Square London in 1981. He has been in general practice full time and has always had a keen interest in the surgical side of dentistry and was lucky to gain a lot of experience working as an NHS dentist in his early days.

Howard undertook extensive training in dental implantology around 15 years ago, soon developing a passion for the area and taking on more complex cases. Bone grafting is an integral part of implantology and Howard was lucky to meet Peter Fairbairn in his early days who introduced him to synthetic bone grafts.

“I have only ever placed one bovine particulate and porcine collagen membrane graft, I use EthOss on a daily basis with remarkable results” Dr Howard Koch