August 3, 2020

View from the Dentist’s Chair: Harnessing technology to keep our customers involved and informed

There’s no denying that these are still hugely challenging times for the dental sector, with the way we live and work turned upside down in recent months.

In his latest blog, EthOss co-founder Dr Peter Fairbairn, shares some of the ways the company has continued to support its loyal customers worldwide.

These have been incredibly turbulent times for our sector. The closure of practices has had a huge impact on the livelihoods of dentists worldwide and even now, as we begin to return to normal (speaking as a UK-based clinician), the anxiety and fear around the virus rightly remains.

The days of travelling around the world for expos and seminars have gone, for the foreseeable future at least, and so at EthOss, we have had to adapt fast in order to keep in contact with our customers through these difficult times, providing the support and education we have become renowned for.

Of course, the answer lies in technology and thankfully, here at EthOss, we have become well accustomed to using both social media and online platforms to host e-learning opportunities and share our expertise.

Our Facebook group, EthOss Case Studies, has given users a platform to stay connected with other dental practitioners throughout these difficult times and, our EthOss Academy has flourished, too.


We have tailored our online resources according to feedback we’ve received from practitioners around the globe, and we have seen our webinar attendance double as a result.

Just recently, we hosted our first ever QuestionTime event, with myself – along with a panel of industry experts: Dr Andrew Fish, Dr Dominic O’Hooley and Dr Riz Syed – answering questions from the audience.

The event marked a shift in the usual format of our online learning sessions, but the feedback was fantastic and so we planned the next one. You can rewatch the first session, here.

The second session focussed on issues around EthOss handling and stability where I was joined by another group of panelists – you can watch the event here.

We are planning a third session to be broadcast in September.

As the world continues to adapt to this new state of normal, we will carry on creating dynamic, relevant and educational content to help practitioners worldwide stay informed and involved with the evolution of implantology and EthOss’s latest developments.

If you have any feedback or an idea for how we can enhance our digital learning materials further, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

Email us at info.ethoss.dental