March 27, 2020

View from the dentist’s chair: the most challenging time our healthcare systems have ever faced

This is a really difficult time for people all over the world, as the coronavirus pandemic changes the way we live our lives and we have to adjust to the “new normal” (although hopefully only temporarily).

It’s a bad time for dentists, with practices across Europe closed (whether by directive from the Dental Council, like us in the UK, or through lack of patients and staff) but it’s much worse for those with the Virus and their families. All of my best wishes go out to everyone affected.

I’m feeling all of the same pressures as dentists all over the world. If we aren’t allowed to see patients, what has happened to our income? The UK Government will hopefully introduce a package to support practice owners, as they already have for my staff, but I know other countries may not be so lucky.

BUT – even in these turbulent times I believe we can find a silver lining. We now find ourselves having to self-isolate at home without the day to day rigours of patients and running a practice to keep us occupied. With all of this unexpected free time we now have an opportunity to share our experiences and learn from each other like never before. Modern technology means we can do this all from home – following the Government advice and protecting our patients and our health services – but we are also arming ourselves for the return to work.

This is why the EthOss Academy has committed to rapidly increasing the educational content, particularly webinars, that we are running over the next 6-8 weeks. We will be inviting speakers from all over the world to share their clinical experiences with the material and provide free-of-charge, educational sessions for any dental professional.

We are also encouraging people to share as many cases as they can on our Facebook group, EthOss Case Studies, and join in the conversation. Whilst we do not have any new cases walking through the door, this has been a great opportunity for me to revisit old cases, look at longer-term results and follow-ups and incorporate these into older posts. It’s also a great time to brush up on research – I’ll be sharing anything particularly of interest on the group as well and I would encourage everyone to do the same. Let’s get some good discussion going.

In these completely unprecedented times, it’s been encouraging to see how our profession is growing closer together, united by a common enemy. Let’s use this opportunity to learn from each other as much as we can, arming ourselves for the return to work – whether it is in 3 weeks, 3 months or 3 years.

You can join the EthOss Case Studies group here.

Register for our latest EthOss Academy webinar here where I will be presenting how to get successful results with True Bone Regeneration.

Or visit our page detailing our spring webinar programme with guest speakers.