October 26, 2017

Spreading the EthOss® message across Europe

The European conference season has proved indicative of the rapid rise of EthOss® in recent months, with the company invited to attend a number of key events across the continent.

EthOss® Clinical Director, Dr Peter Fairbairn, has been visiting conferences across Europe to showcase his portfolio of cases and demonstrate how the latest developments in synthetic grafting materials are opening up new treatment possibilities. This has included presentations at several highly influential conferences in the field of implant dentistry:

  • DZOI Congress (Berlin, Germany)
  • DGZI Congress (Berlin, Germany)
  • Munich Forum for Innovative Implantology (Munich, Germany)
  • Sofia Dental Meeting (Sofia, Bulgaria)
  • Leipzig Forum for Innovative Dentistry (Leipzig, Germany)
  • Implacore 10th Anniversary Event (Poznan, Poland)

EthOss® Research Manager, Dr Minas Leventis, has also been showcasing some of his cases using the material, presenting at the Hamburg Forum for Innovative Implantology (Hamburg, Germany) and the first Smart Casual Dentistry Symposium (Athens, Greece).

EthOss® staff have also attended major events in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Ireland and the UK over recent months, with more events coming up in early 2018. This will include the first EthOss® event in Asia, hosted by distributor TK Dental Supplies in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in January 2018.

Dr Paul Harrison, Managing Director of EthOss Regeneration, is excited by this growth: “The interest that we have seen in EthOss® is genuinely phenomenal, it is growing at an incredible rate.

“There is an obvious hunger from dentists, and their patients, for a grafting material which is synthetic, fully absorbed, reliable and turns over to host bone quickly.  EthOss® ticks all of these boxes, and we are looking forward to growing further across Europe, and beyond, in 2018.

“The event in Malaysia will be an exciting step for us, which we will be backing-up by exhibiting EthOss® at both the AEEDC show in Dubai in February and IDEM in Singapore in April 2018.”