July 30, 2019

Innovative British dental technology showcased across Asia

A series of events across Asia, including the inaugural EthOss South East Asia Study Club, has showcased our innovative synthetic bone graft technology for dental implantology to audiences in Malaysia and Singapore.

Dr Minas Leventis gave the keynote lecture at the first South East Asia EthOss Study Club which attracted more than 120 existing EthOss® users from around the region.

“We were overwhelmed by how well attended this event was and are looking forward to building on this success.

“The Study Club was a fantastic opportunity for us to hear from users and gave them the chance to share their experiences of using our bone grafting technology.

“EthOss® was developed in collaboration with and in response to feedback from end-users and patients. It is important for us to continue this collaborative approach to ensure that our technology remains cutting edge and any advances that are made have the end user and patient at their core,” said Dr Leventis.

While in Asia, Dr Leventis proudly presented EthOss®, alongside local practitioners, at MIDEC, the largest dental congress in Malaysia

He said: “EthOss® is proving to be hugely popular across the globe and we have already seen great interest from markets in Asia.

“There is a clear appetite from dentists – and their patients – for a grafting material which is synthetic, fully absorbed, reliable and turns over to host bone quickly. EthOss® ticks all these boxes.

“It was an honour to speak to dentists on the main podium at MIDEC in Kuala Lumpur – the largest dental congress in Malaysia – and to share the platform with local dentists who have used our technology to deliver the best possible solution to their patients.”

Dr Minas Leventis presents at MIDEC, Kuala Lumpur, July 2019

Singapore was the next stop for the team, who gave two presentations on EthOss®, our bi-phasic synthetic material made from a mixture of beta tri calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate that is completely free from animal or human content, to leading practitioners from two of the largest dental chains in the country.

“Following these presentations, we are now looking forward to developing relationships with leading practitioners from the field of periodontology and implant dentistry to discuss the benefits of EthOss® and demonstrate how it can improve their daily practice,” added Dr Leventis.

The unique composition of EthOss®, which has a built-in cell-occlusive barrier, removing the need for a separate collagen membrane, provides a highly stable graft and typically produces 50 percent new bone after 12 weeks, this is proving to be extremely popular and is now being exported to 40 markets across the globe.


Above – delegates at the MIDEC Congress having hands-on experience with EthOss


Above – over 120 EthOss users from across the Asia Pacific region attended our first SEA Study Club in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 12th July 2019