September 20, 2019

Immediate Implants – “Graft less” rather than “graftless”

I’ve placed over 40,000 implants in my career and regularly lecture all over the world on my techniques and protocols, and it has been fascinating to see how changes to patient lifestyles (particularly in my clinic in Dubai) have led to changes in treatments.

With patients’ professional & social lifestyles becoming busier I see an increased demand for immediate implant function.  This translates to the need for an accelerated treatment protocol utilising the concept of “less grafts for more implant treatment” – a philosophy in line with that of the late PI Branemark.

This is made possible by using the patient’s own available bone with appropriate site specific angled, wide, narrow, short & body shift implants.  In order to optimise these implant sites it is often necessary to perform simultaneous site enhancement with limited grafting – i.e. “graft less” as opposed to “graftless”.

There are hundreds of different graft materials on the market, but when we are performing these procedures at our clinic in Dubai (SameDay Dental Implants Clinic – www.samedayme.com) we choose a fully resorbable synthetic graft such as EthOss, composed of BTCP & calcium sulfate.

Why do we use EthOss, rather than traditional xenografts or other materials?

  1. True Bone Regeneration – the material is completely absorbed without leaving any remnant particles in the site long term.  The BTCP is resorbed at the same rate as new bone forms.
  2. We can use it on any patients, without any ethical or religious concerns over bovine graft particles or the porcine content of traditional collagen membranes.  In the Middle East this can be a sensitive religious issue, so a big benefit for us to use EthOss.
  3. The integrated membrane removes the need for a separate collagen membrane – removing time spent cutting / adjusting membranes, removing the risk of membrane exposure and saving money in the process.
  4. Calcium sulphate is well known in medical literature to be bacteriostatic – hence we see almost no graft infections (unlike allografts & xenografts).

Additionally, the biocompatible nature of the material shows no foreign body host response, which seems to reduce patient pain and give excellent soft tissue healing.

I’m delighted to be co-hosting a hands-on workshop discussing EthOss in Dubai in November.  I’ll be co-hosting alongside Dr Peter Fairbairn, giving delegates the opportunity for hands-on experience with this innovative new material.  I look forward to seeing you there!

Dr Costa Nicolopoulos BDS cum laude, FFD (SA) MFOS
Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeon
SameDay Dental Implants Clinic