September 3, 2021

Excellence in Focus: A closer look at EthOss’s award-winning credentials

After winning a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise earlier this year, in the International Trade category, we wanted to take a closer look at what makes EthOss so unique.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be focusing in on different elements of our business, sharing an insight into our journey so far and highlighting just some of the factors that led to us taking home such a renowned accolade in 2021.

In the first edition of Excellence in Focus, we’re looking at how EthOss has grown from a start-up company to an international presence that’s raising the bar for the dental bone grafting industry, on the global stage.

When Dr Peter Fairbairn and Dr Paul Harrison founded EthOss Regeneration Ltd in 2013, their mission was clear: Between them, they wanted to create a product that would disrupt the dental bone grafting market and accelerate the world’s transition to ethical bone regeneration, a sector that had remained static for decades.

The result was EthOss Regeneration’s flagship product – EthOss® – a synthetic biomaterial used during dental implant surgery to encourage new bone growth.

Until then, this procedure had commonly utilised animal-derived materials – usually bone harvested from cows.

Research shows these animal-based materials are often never fully absorbed into the body and remain in the grafting site indefinitely, causing potential health issues for the patient and exacerbating ethical concerns many patients have surrounding animal-sourced material.

Breaking new ground

EthOss’s arrival signalled a change for the industry, introducing a more ethical product, free of any animal content and, in turn, addressing many of the shortfalls of existing products.

EthOss has been found to typically regenerate 50% new bone within 12 weeks[1], with the material completely resorbed and replaced by new host bone within six to 12 months.

This is a distinct difference from traditional animal-sourced xenograft materials which can remain in the graft site long-term.

Equally, whereas animal-sourced graft materials require a separate collagen membrane to prevent soft tissues from growing into the material and keep it stable, EthOss does not.

This has been revolutionary for the industry, as dentists find membranes expensive and difficult to handle. The unique composition of EthOss® means the material creates an integrated membrane, solving practitioners’ frustrations and saving more than 30% on cost too.

Rapid growth

These clear clinical and ethical advantages are what propelled EthOss on a rapid journey of growth. Following its initial conception and two years of research and development, EthOss was awarded the CE Mark as a Class 3 Medical Device in 2015 and launched simultaneously in the UK and Greece.

From there, rapid expansion followed, predominately in Europe, providing a platform for further international growth around the world.

Today, EthOss® is available in more than 55 markets worldwide. It is one of Europe’s fastest-growing dental companies and this year, export sales are 61 percent, year-on-year, despite the challenges of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Clear vision

This impressive growth has been driven primarily by a combination of EthOss moving into new markets such as Saudi Arabia and France, and seeing strong growth in already established markets, such as Australia, the Middle East and Asia.

But it’s also been driven by EthOss’s clear vision – to create better outcomes for patients, based on the belief that every person is entitled to honest, ethical care.

By living and breathing this vision in everything it does, from its product development to the innovative EthOss Academy, and the highly successful EthOss Case Studies Facebook page, the company has won a fast-growing following of practitioners around the world, with more dentists becoming aware of the ethical and clinical benefits of EthOss® every day.

[1] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29487751/