October 8, 2021

Excellence in Focus: Our vision and values

Excellence in Focus: Our vision and values

In the second edition of our series of Excellence in Focus blogs, we’re taking a closer look at EthOss’s ethical credentials, from our vision as a business, through to the values we pledge to work by in everything we do.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ethics played a key part in helping us take home a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise earlier this year, in the International Trade category, so here, we share an insight into our approach and commitments.

From the very beginning, a commitment to being an ethical business has sat at the heart of EthOss, running through everything we do.

Our mission from the outset was to end the use of unnecessary animal content in bone augmentation procedures, creating a better world with true bone regeneration. Our flagship product, EthOss®, is fully synthetic, providing a more ethical alternative to the animal-derived materials – usually bone harvested from cows – commonly used during dental implant surgery.

And, even the name ‘EthOss’ represents this vision, meaning Ethical (Eth) Bone (Oss) in Latin.

Our dedication to living by this vision runs deep throughout every area of our business, centering around three core values, helping us to grow stronger as a business, personally and professionally:


By ensuring no animal or human-derived content is in our products, we have been able to raise the standards for our industry and address the ethical concerns of patients, too.

Research shows these animal-based materials are often never fully absorbed into the body and remain in the grafting site indefinitely, causing potential health issues for the patient and exacerbating the apprehensions many patients have surrounding animal-sourced material.

However, EthOss® is entirely synthetic, composed of beta tricalcium phosphate (B-TCP – a common mineral found in healthy bone) and calcium sulphate. Unlike animal-based materials it does not require a separate collagen membrane, either, instead creating its own integrated one.


 We believe every interaction with our business should be a thoughtful, positive experience and we seek to delight our customers by creating experiences, products and services that have lasting value for them.

A key part of this are the events and training workshops we run, both on and offline.

We believe that educating the industry about the ethical benefits of EthOss® is key to creating change and so we offer numerous webinars and, depending on Covid-19 restrictions in place, face-to-face demonstrations and talks throughout the year.

Our Facebook group, EthOss Case Studies, also provides a hub for practitioners to share real-world case studies and experiences of using EthOss and has created an independent global network that continues to educate users, encouraging a more ethical approach to dental implantology worldwide, bypassing the “paid endorsement” arrangements often used by our competitors.


We are constantly striving for the best results in every area of our business, from product design and innovation, to research and development, and customer service, constantly pushing boundaries to move beyond the status quo.

This includes our commitment to our staff, providing a great place to work as a modern employer.

We’re very proud to say we have a 100% retention rate, and our employees are free to choose whether they work from home or from our base in Yorkshire, UK, leading to a happier workforce, all of whom are fully-invested in the company and its mission – creating a better world with true bone regeneration.

To read more about our core values and vision, visit https://ethoss.dental/vision-and-values/