November 11, 2021

Excellence in Focus: Breaking the norm

In the third and final edition of our series of Excellence in Focus blogs, we explore how breaking away from the usual marketing techniques seen in our industry, in favour of something more authentic and innovative, has played a key part in EthOss Regeneration’s growth story and helped us take home a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise earlier this year.

At the heart of EthOss is a real commitment to do things differently and to give our customers the very best experience we can.

This runs true not only through our flagship product, EthOss®, but also in the way we do business and, importantly, in the way we talk about the benefits of our innovation.

When EthOss was founded, by Dr Peter Fairbairn and Dr Paul Harrison in 2013, the company had a much smaller marketing budget than its key competitors and so we knew we had to be creative when it came to getting the message out about the pioneering capabilities EthOss® has to offer the dental bone grafting sector.

Traditionally, the major players in the industry have relied on huge marketing campaigns and paid endorsements to boost their products’ credentials, using large budgets to pay prominent dental practitioners to talk about their company at influential events for example and, in turn, stifling new products to protect their market share.

However, confident that our product speaks for itself, we decided to take a different route – focusing instead on organic word of mouth, building an independent network of key opinion leaders, harnessing real-world examples of EthOss® in practice and providing hands-on opportunities for dentists to learn about EthOss and its applications at informative and interactive learning events and workshops around the globe.

Creating community

One of the biggest successes in EthOss’s story has been the establishment of the EthOss Case Studies Facebook group.

The group allows practitioners to share their own case studies and questions about EthOss, networking with peers around the world to seek out best practice and identify solutions to any  challenges they may come across.

The page has fostered the creation of a real community around EthOss. There is no paid-for endorsement of our product within the group – instead, members are given free reign to discuss their work with each other.

Today, the page has almost 9,000 members and acts as a key platform for our customers to seek out authentic opinions and real-life examples of our product in action.

A culture of learning

Alongside the Facebook group sits the EthOss Academy, providing training webinars and workshops to practitioners worldwide, both on and offline, live and on-demand.

The Academy hosts regular events with prominent guest speakers, enabling attendees to ask questions about EthOss and its applications, and houses a range of informative training videos in the ‘EthOss On-Demand Training Academy’, online.

We believe wholeheartedly that by providing both existing and potential customers with engaging educational content that equips practitioners with the knowledge and expertise they need to use EthOss®, we can continue to shift the market away from traditional animal-based grafting materials, towards EthOss – a more ethical alternative.

Mentor support

We also believe that peer support has a crucial role to play in helping dentists get to grips with our pioneering products.

That’s why we established our mentoring programme, giving participants access to a network of experienced implantologists and bone grafting experts across the UK.

Each of our mentors has extensive experience with EthOss and can help those enrolled on the programme to advance their craft and learn new techniques.

This support, coupled with our worldwide focus on connecting the dental community and capturing real and authentic user experiences, rather than paid-for endorsements, continues to sit at the heart of our business and will do for years to come.

To join the EthOss Case Studies Facebook group, visit: https://bit.ly/EthOssFB

For further information about our webinars, the EthOss Academy and our mentoring programme, visit www.ethoss.dental