Hands-On Workshop & Lecture – Sydney

Dr Peter Fairbairn

Oct 25th

Sydney, Australia

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Event information

Synthetic particulate graft materials: a new future in Host Bone regeneration with new methods and Protocols for optimal outcomes

Recent years have seen a dramatic increase in the research base for synthetic particulate graft materials, such as EthOss. During this lecture the speaker will examine the reasons for this increase, along with his own research in this area. This will demonstrate the science and biology behind the up regulation of the host healing response and the value of not using a traditional collagen membrane.

The lecture will also look at a number of newer clinical protocols to improve the healing process and enable the regeneration of new bone both vertically and horizontally. The quality of the new regenerated bone will also be considered, showing how the success of a healed graft site cannot be judged merely by quantity, as living tissue needs to turn over to remain healthy and optimise long-term results.

These long-term outcomes will be demonstrated using the subtle changes in the radiographic images over time.

All aspects of defect repair will be shown from basic buccal defects to apicectomies, sinus augmentation and cyst removal. The treatment of periodontal and peri-implant defects will also be shown to demonstrate the full range of treatment options available with these materials.

After 22 years and over 7,000 cases using only synthetic graft materials, the speaker has extensive clinical experience , well documented to clearly show the procedure needed for solid, predictable results.