May 28, 2021

EthOss unveils inaugural case study book

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A book of case studies showcasing a range of different techniques using EthOss® from across the international dental community has been unveiled this week.

The book, published by EthOss Regeneration Ltd, features 18 different cases from dentists around the globe, each one demonstrating the regenerative capabilities of EthOss®.

Covering a range of popular techniques such as socket grafting, sinus lifts and immediate implant placements alongside cutting-edge procedures such as ‘push-in’ implant placements, the book provides an in-depth insight into how each practitioner utilises EthOss in their work.

Dentists featured in the book include: Dr Adeel Ali; Dr Dominic O’Hooley; Dr Ignas Antanavičius; Dr Jonathan Cochrane; Dr Kris Leeson; Dr Kristina Saarepera; Dr Mark Worthing; Dr Minas Leventis; Dr Peter Fairbairn; Dr Pretam Gharat; Dr Ragnar Ilp; Dr Rainer Rannula; Dr Renukanth Raman; Dr Stefan Anca; and Dr Stuart Kilner.

EthOss Regeneration’s co-founder, Dr Peter Fairbairn, said: “We’re very proud to unveil volume one of our first-ever international case study book, bringing together some great examples of the regenerative capabilities of EthOss®, from dental practitioners around the world.

“I first started to experiment with mixing different materials as far back as 2001. My goal was always to create a graft with built-in stability, removing the need for a traditional collagen membrane. It has been a long road to get to the stage we are at today where EthOss is available in over 50 countries globally.

“We are still always learning and refining techniques and it is critical to learn from all our colleagues. This book is a great example of this, showing a range of different techniques utilising the regenerative capabilities of EthOss.

“We are all working towards the same thing – a common goal of improved regenerative outcomes with a minimal, ethical approach, for both us as dentists and our patients who we care for.  Enjoy this book which is about our work, all of us.”

The EthOss International Case Study Book will be available to purchase from your local distributor for £19.99

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