July 10, 2017

ethoss® ‘triumphs’ with leading dentists 

An event showcasing a global step-change in dental bone grafting techniques has been hailed a “triumph” by more than 50 of the UK’s leading dentists.

The event, Experience How Synthetic Materials Are Changing Grafting, was hosted by ethoss® Regeneration Ltd at the National Motorcycle Museum in Coventry.

The delegates heard from Dr Peter Fairbairn, Clinical Director of ethoss®, about his experience of using ethoss®, an innovative synthetic bone graft solution for dental implants, in more than 1000 grafts – regularly achieving results of 50 per cent new bone in just 12 weeks.

ethoss® is a bi-phasic synthetic material made from a mixture of beta tri calcium phosphate and calcium sulfate and is completely free from animal or human content. The unique composition of ethoss®, which has a built-in cell-occlusive barrier, removing the need for a separate collagen membrane, provides a highly stable graft.

The built-in membrane function prevents soft tissue ingress and helps to dramatically speed up healing times, by allowing the periosteum (and the related blood supply) direct contact with the graft site. This means surgical procedures can be completed much more quickly and reliably, benefitting both patient and dentist.

Dr Fairbairn said: “We were delighted to welcome so many dentists from across the UK to the National Motorcycle Museum – a venue which champions the very best in British innovation and engineering – to learn about new and progressive materials and techniques in the field of dentistry.

“ethoss® is improving the field of bone grafting and implant placement on a fundamental level – with significant benefits for both the dentist and the patient”

Delegates also heard from other leading dentists about the latest developments in bone grafting.  Mike Ainsworth BDS (Sheffield, UK) discussed an innovative new tenting technique which uses large slowly resorbing sutures to stabilise graft material and aid retention of volume in challenging cases. Mukesh Soni BDS (London, UK) also spoke about his experiences with the material.

For more information on ethoss® contact +44 (0) 1535 843 106 or email info@ethoss.dental.