March 6, 2020

EthOss takes first steps into South America

Our Yorkshire-based dental supplies company has grown its global footprint and made a move into South America, signing a duo of deals with new partners in Chile and Colombia.

EthOss Regeneration Ltd has expanded its export business into the continent following an extensive registration process.

Its flagship product, EthOss® – a groundbreaking material that encourages new bone growth during dental implant procedures – will now be available to both dental practitioners and patients across the two countries.

The move follows EthOss Regeneration’s rapid global expansion in 2019, with international export sales surpassing £1.1million.

Dr Paul Harrison, managing director of EthOss Regeneration, said: “We’re thrilled to be starting 2020 with a move into a new continent, agreeing deals with partners in both Colombia and Chile.

“This expansion builds further on the rapid growth we experienced globally in 2019 and cements our position as a leader in our field.”

Since its launch in 2015, EthOss’s pioneering material has gained significant traction within the dental implantology sector, thanks to the product’s pioneering composition and capabilities.

EthOss®, which is entirely synthetic, marks a move away from the traditional cow-bone based materials often used during bone grafting, and removes the need for a separate collagen membrane during procedures – a revolutionary step forward for the industry.

Dr Harrison, added: “Our expansion into South America proves testimony to the international success of EthOss® to date.

“Clinicians around the world have been particularly drawn to the fact that our product has an integrated barrier membrane, which saves practitioners both time and money, and, of course, the fact that we provide an alternative to the animal-based products which have historically dominated our industry.

“It’s fantastic to see EthOss® being embraced globally.”

EthOss® contains a mixture of ß Tri Calcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) – a trusted material which is proven to encourage bone regeneration – and Calcium Sulphate. The Calcium Sulphate sets in situ, creating an integrated barrier membrane, stabilising the graft and preventing soft tissues from growing into the site while allowing vascular ingrowth – solving practitioners’ frustrations and saving more than 30% on cost too, in comparison.

EthOss® also works quickly, typically regenerating 50% new bone within 12 weeks. Independent research has found the market leader’s cow-based material generated just 15% in the same time frame.

For more information on buying EthOss from Vitalcom or from our distributors in other countries please visit our ‘where to buy’ page

ethoss colombia
Pictured above: The team at Vitalcom, Colombia with their first EthOss order.