August 25, 2017

EthOss® Release New Patient Guide

The new EthOss® patient guide has now been released and is available to dental practices across the UK.

The patient guide, which will be sent to practices with your next order of EthOss®, answers many of the most commonly asked patient questions, whilst also explaining how the technology works in a procedure and what makes it such an innovative product.

The guide includes information about the synthetic composition of EthOss®, which includes no animal or human bone sources, and explains how the material typically generates 50% new bone for the patient after just 12 weeks, meaning surgical procedures can be completed more quickly and reliably.

Dr Peter Fairbairn, Clinical Director of EthOss® Regeneration Ltd, said: “When we developed EthOss®, we wanted to make sure it was both clinically superior and, most importantly, responded to the needs of our patients.

“One of the most common queries we receive is about the make-up of EthOss® as many other products on the market use animal or human content. Our patients are always very pleased to hear that we do not use any animal or human sources, but a synthetic material which encourages the bone to regenerate and grow back incredibly quickly.

“In my personal experience with the material I have also found that it seems to reduce pain and swelling – another hugely popular benefit with our patients.”

Download a PDF of the EthOss Patient Guide here.  If you would like to receive copies of the new patient guide for your practice (free of charge, including postage) contact info@ethoss.dental.