December 16, 2019

EthOss reaps the rewards of South East Asia tour

EthOss Manila Nov 2019
EthOss Manila Nov 2019

EthOss Regeneration Ltd has returned from a week-long tour of the Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand, cementing partnerships with suppliers and dental practitioners in the East.

The organisation’s visit began with EthOss hosting a high-profile event for more than 150 clinicians in Manila, the Philippines.

Dr Peter Fairbairn, founder of EthOss, spoke at the event alongside Dr Ramonito Lee, sharing his expertise on true bone regeneration with the crowd, as well as showcasing numerous Case Studies showing EthOss® at work.

Next, it was on to Thailand where EthOss was showcased for the first time at two events in Bangkok. This was particularly timely given EthOss recently being approved by the Thai Ministry of Health. Dr Fairbairn presented to a full room at the Bangkok International Dental Implant Sympsoium, before hosting an EthOss® Study Club for more than 40 EthOss® users from across Thailand and Malaysia at the Novotel Siam Square in Bangkok.

The tour was then rounded off with a debut presentation in Hong Kong to an audience of more than 30 implantologists and dental practitioners.

Dr Fairbairn said: “Our week-long visit to the Philippines, Hong Kong and Thailand marks a major step forward for EthOss as we continue to extend our global reach and worldwide network of both suppliers and users.

“It was fantastic to showcase EthOss® to audiences across all three countries and to enable dentists to see first hand how our product works and the benefits it brings both practitioners and patients alike.

“We’ve recently won approval from Thailand’s Ministry of Health, so the tour was the perfect way to mark this achievement and forge new relationships in the East.”

The tour follows EthOss’s recent new brand launch and new website.