February 16, 2021

EthOss makes global connections in spite of Covid challenges

EthOss partners in France, Turkey, Chile, Kuwait, Latvia and Moldova.

EthOss Regeneration Ltd has appointed six new distributors across the globe, reinforcing the company’s international growth in spite of the ongoing Covid-19 challenges.

In the last three months, EthOss has signed partnerships with distributors in France, Turkey, Chile, Kuwait, Latvia and Moldova.

Dr Paul Harrison, managing director of EthOss, said: “We are very proud to have appointed new distributors in so many countries across the globe, amid such challenging times for so many.

“Throughout the pandemic we have focused hard on running webinars and building relationships virtually in order to continue with our rapid growth and brand awareness.

“These new partnerships prove testimony to our work during this time and mark another step forward in our export story. It’s great to be growing into new markets despite the pandemic.”

To date, EthOss is sold in 50 countries worldwide, with exports accounting for approximately 58 percent of the company’s total turnover.

Paul added: “As we strengthen our connections in major markets such as France and Turkey, our export business will continue to grow.

“We were proud to achieve an increase in both our turnover and export sales in 2020, despite losing three months of trading due to Covid-19, and we hope to see that trend continue as we move into 2021.”

Armelle Créach, Sales Executive from Armatys, EthOss’ French distributor, commented: “The founders of Armatys collectively have over 10 years’ experience in SBS, so when we decided to add bone graft to our range of products, we knew what to look for: a synthetic graft that does not migrate from the site and that has a regeneration profile suited for the mouth (most orthopaedic grafts are too slow).

“We looked at various options but simply couldn’t find a graft with satisfactory characteristics, until we found EthOss. Its mix of calcium sulphate/calcium phosphate is very ingenious and it has been in limited clinical use in France.

“The company, EthOss, is easy to deal with and friendly, so distribution was quickly negotiated. We are very excited to be EthOss’s distributor in France and look forward to making this great product available to French implantologists.”

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