July 14, 2022













The EthOss Centre of Excellence (London) has welcomed its’ first delegation from Italy for live surgical training, with a group of clinicians observing live surgery from Dr Peter Fairbairn at the Scarsdale Dental Aesthetic & Implant Clinic over a real-time video feed.  This was the third group of dentists to visit the Centre inside the last month following similar delegations from Jordan and Switzerland which have all been met with very strong feedback.

The latest delegation came from across Italy to view a variety of procedures including sinus augmentations (using both vertical and lateral window techniques), buccal grafts and co-axis implant placement in the aesthetic zone.  These procedures were interspersed with sessions from Dr Fairbairn showcasing his large library of cases to demonstrate the use of EthOss in a wide variety of cases.

Dr Fairbairn commented “running these sessions has been a great success.  The new EthOss Centre of Excellence shares a building with our clinic in London, providing a great opportunity for dentists to come and see the techniques we use in surgery first hand, asking questions along the way.  I’m looking forward to welcoming more delegations over the coming months.”

Dr Fabio Magistroni (Milan, Italy) was part of the visiting delegation: “I have used EthOss before but, having seen several of Dr Fairbairn’s webinars, jumped at the opportunity to visit the Centre of Excellence and see his work live.  Seeing his techniques first-hand is a fantastic way of increasing both my skill-set and knowledge of the material and how to achieve even better results.  It was particularly interesting to see how he handled a challenging case in the aesthetic zone.  The EthOss team made us all feel very welcome in London and I would highly recommend this experience to other clinicians who are involved with implants and grafting.”

EthOss are welcoming several delegations to the Centre of Excellence in London throughout the rest of 2022.  If you are interested in attending please contact your local EthOss distributor or for more information email info@ethoss.dental.