June 12, 2018

EthOss® impresses leading Swiss dentists

EthOss® Regeneration Ltd has received praise from a group of Switzerland’s leading dentists following a recent event in the country’s capital city, Bern.

Dr Peter Fairbairn, Clinical Director, was the keynote speaker at an event hosted by the company’s Swiss distributor, bedent.

Dr Fairbairn spoke to the group of 25 dentists, who had travelled from across the country, about the next generation of synthetic grafting materials and how they can benefit both dentist and patient.  This included EthOss®, an innovative synthetic bone graft solution for dental implants.

The unique composition of EthOss®, which has a built-in cell-occlusive barrier removing the need for a separate collagen membrane, provides a highly stable graft and typically produces 50 per cent new bone after 12 weeks.

EthOss® is a bi-phasic synthetic material made from a mixture of beta tricalcium phosphate and calcium sulfate and is completely free from animal or human content.

The built-in membrane function prevents soft tissue ingress and helps to dramatically speed up healing times by allowing the periosteum (and the related blood supply) direct contact with the graft site.  This means surgical procedures can be completed much more quickly and reliably, benefitting both patient and dentist.

The event in Bern was the first of its kind for EthOss® in conjunction with bedent, with further lectures planned over the next two years following positive feedback from delegates.

Dr Fairbairn commented after the event: “It was great to be in Switzerland for the first time to discuss the significance and potential of synthetic grafting materials. The country is well known for its tradition of precision engineering and that has certainly transferred to the field of dentistry, with a long history of innovation and some of world’s leading dental companies based there.

“Given the huge emphasis placed on medical innovation by the Swiss dental industry, we were delighted to receive such a positive response for EthOss® – and now look forward to working with Swiss dentists through our distributor in the future.”

Mr Uwe Steiner, Managing Director of bedent, said: “Our company strength is based on introducing innovative implant products and systems into Switzerland – and EthOss® certainly ticks this box.

“We were delighted to add EthOss® to our portfolio earlier this year and we have been very encouraged by the early results our customers have been achieving.

“The event in Bern was the first opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of EthOss® face-to-face with some of the country’s leading dentists. The delegate feedback was phenomenal and we’re now looking forward to running similar events in the future.”

Dentists in Switzerland can order EthOss® directly from bedent:

Tel: +41 31 508 52 09