June 5, 2019

EthOss grows clinical networks in Australia

Synthetic dental bone graft firm, EthOss Regeneration, is growing its clinical networks in Australia thanks to a series of interactive seminars on the topic of working with host healing at events across the country.

The company has successfully showcased its groundbreaking synthetic bone graft technology at an array of events, to dentists in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Dr Peter Fairbairn, clinical director at EthOss, who developed the technology, shared his vast expertise in bone regeneration throughout each lecture. Delegates were able to examine working with host healing and explore how this can be optimised using the novel synthetic particulate graft material, EthOss®.

The lectures included a hands-on practical session with guidance from Dr Fairbairn – a highly experienced dental implantologist who has performed over 6,000 successful bone graft procedures and is the principal Dental Surgeon at the Scarsdale Dental Clinic, London.

Dr Fairbairn, said: “This has been a superb trip and we’ve had the chance to show our groundbreaking synthetic bone graft technology to dentists from key cities in Australia.

“Delegates at the True Host Bone Regeneration Seminars learned to understand host healing of hard tissue and the regenerative process. They were also able to assess the different types of particulate materials used in regeneration.

“The participants were invited to evaluate the difference between GBR and True Bone Regeneration and value the importance of host hard tissues in the long-term stability of dental implants.

“This was also a great opportunity for us to meet with our Australian distributor, W9, who manage all of our business in Australia.

“it is important for us as a business to invest time in developing people’s knowledge and understanding of our technology across the globe to ensure that people have the best possible options available to them when dealing with dental bone grafts.

“The week was a huge success.  The fantastic response we received has shown us that there is a big demand for EthOss, along with the associated clinical training and education, in Australia and we are already in discussions to organize our next lectures – we look forward to coming back soon!”

EthOss is made from 65% Beta-Tri Calcium Phosphate and 35% Calcium Sulphate, materials that Dr Fairbairn has used since 2002, in nearly 6,000 successful grafts.

The fully-synthetic material works with the body to create the ideal conditions for bone regrowth, without using animal or human content.

The Calcium Sulphate acts as a built-in barrier against soft tissue ingress, removing the need for an additional collagen membrane – a very popular feature with dentists who often find collagen membranes difficult to handle.

Sir Stamford Hotel, Sydney, 30th May 2019

Rydges Hotel, Melbourne, 31st May 2019

Rydges South Bank Hotel, Brisbane, 1st June 2019