December 10, 2018

EthOss® Facebook group is ‘liked’ worldwide

EthOss® Regeneration Ltd’s case study community group on Facebook now has over 3,000 active members from across the world.

The EthOss® Case Studies Facebook group was started by the company’s Clinical Director, Dr Peter Fairbairn, as a small forum for implantologists and bone grating professionals to share their experiences of using EthOss®.

Matching the rapid growth of EthOss® in markets across the world, the group has become one of the industry’s most active and effective forums for the publication of case studies, discussion of best practice and delivery of evidence-based advice for dental implantology.

Dr Peter Fairbairn, Clinical Director of EthOss®, said: “The idea behind the Facebook group started as a simple way to facilitate conversation between implantologists using EthOss®, whilst also gathering useful feedback about the product.

“We’re absolutely delighted with how the group has grown and evolved. The dental professionals using it have complete autonomy in their publication of case studies and advice. We think this is a really healthy approach as it provides a level of transparency and peer advocacy that we as EthOss® could never generate.

“As dentists we are all still learning about bone regeneration and, as we often follow slightly different routes to achieve our outcomes, this group helps us all develop for the benefit of our patients

“It is particularly pleasing to see the group being used by so many dental colleagues from international markets – and with the company continuing to grow at some speed, I look forward to seeing how the Facebook group develops.”

Click here to visit (and become a member) of the EthOss® Case Studies Facebook group