December 12, 2018

EthOss® export success story continues to grow

EthOss® Regeneration Ltd has announced it has smashed its export record for the fourth year running – confirming its position as one of the fastest growing dental companies in Europe.

Following the launch of EthOss® in 2015, the company has achieved rapid growth in the UK and internationally – with the company’s primary product now being sold in 34 countries across the world, contributing to an increase in export sales of 282 per cent compared to 2017.

EthOss® has proved hugely popular with dentists across the world due to a number of benefits to both end-user and patient.  

The unique composition of EthOss®, which has a built-in cell-occlusive barrier, removing the need for a separate collagen membrane, provides a highly stable graft and typically produces 50 percent new bone after 12 weeks.   

EthOss® is a bi-phasic synthetic material made from a mixture of beta tricalcium phosphate and calcium sulphate and is completely free from animal or human content.     

The built-in membrane function prevents soft tissue ingress and helps to dramatically speed up healing times, by allowing the periosteum (and the related blood supply) direct contact with the graft site. This means surgical procedures can be completed much more quickly and reliably, benefitting both patient and dentist.    

In recent weeks the company has provided a number of talks and demonstrations across Europe and the Middle East to round-off 2018’s comprehensive programme of international visits.

Alongside the company’s German distributor, Demedi Dent, EthOss® hosted a table clinic at the 35th annual conference of the BDO in Berlin, at which practitioners could gain hands-on experience of using EthOss®. This was followed by a lecture from Clinical Director Dr Peter Fairbairn to more than 100 conference delegates.

EthOss® also hosted talks in Beirut, Lebanon, to the country’s top dentists as part of the Beirut International Dental Meeting; in Poland, Dr Fairbairn hosted a lecture about EthOss® at the Quintessence Congress in Warsaw, with more than 300 of the country’s leading dental practitioners in attendance; and Dr Fairbairn also hosted a talk in the Czech Republic at the Czech Society of Periodontology, with more than 200 practitioners in attendance.

Dr Fairbairn said: “Since launching in 2015, we have enjoyed exceptional levels of growth – and this has been in large part due to our focused export strategy.  

“Whilst we have established significant market share in the UK, it is not a mature market. Through our extensive research, we were able to develop a cutting-edge product which truly met the complex and varied needs of the end-user and patient communities on a global scale.

“2018 has been an outstanding year for our export arm and we continue to see significant growth in established markets such as Western Europe – and we have been delighted to see that growth being matched by newer markets such as those in Asia and the Middle East.”

Next year, the company plans to further expand its export arm, particularly in the Middle East and Asia. Dr Fairbairn will continue to present clinical talks across the world, including Malaysia, New Zealand, the US, the UAE and Australia.

The company is also planning the first ‘International EthOss® Congress’, bringing dentists from around the world to London to share experiences of the material and best clinical practice. This is scheduled for late 2019.