May 18, 2020

EthOss continues international expansion in South Africa

EthOss Regeneration Ltd has announced a new distribution deal with Southern Implants to supply EthOss bone regeneration material to South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

This move comes on the back of impressive expansion for EthOss throughout 2019 and early-2020, with the product now available in over 50 countries around the globe.  Regulatory approval processes are underway to expand into further significant markets over the next 12 months.

Dr Peter Fairbairn, Clinical Director of EthOss, commented: “as a proud South African I am delighted to be bringing EthOss to my homeland and with such a fantastic, respected partner as Southern Implants

“As we are in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic we are seeing many companies slow down and consolidate, so it’s really encouraging to see EthOss continuing to move into new, significant markets.

“I can’t wait to come back to South Africa for a lecture and the opportunity to present True Bone Regeneration techniques and principles.”

EthOss® contains a mixture of ß Tri Calcium Phosphate (ß-TCP) – a trusted material which is proven to encourage bone regeneration – and Calcium Sulphate. The Calcium Sulphate sets in situ, creating an integrated barrier membrane, stabilising the graft and preventing soft tissues from growing into the site while allowing vascular ingrowth.  This removes the need for a separate collagen membrane in a grafting procedure.

EthOss® works quickly, typically regenerating 50% new bone within 12 weeks before being completely resorbed and replaced by new host bone.

South African dentists can contact Southern Implants to purchase the material using the details on the Where to Buy page.