May 24, 2021

EthOss and Swallow Dental join forces to bring delegates together in person

EthOss Regeneration Ltd and Swallow Dental joined forces this weekend to host the first face-to-face EthOss training course of 2021 for delegates.

The interactive event, which marks the first in a series of EthOss events planned for 2021, was hosted at the prestigious Carlowrie Castle in Edinburgh and saw practitioners from across the UK attend the day-long session led by Dr Peter Fairbairn.

Dr Jenny Kabir joined Dr Fairbairn as guest speaker, sharing her expertise on sinus augmentation, as well as the difficulties involved in mentoring.

Delegates also took part in practical learning with hands-on sessions.

Dr Fairbairn, said: “It was fantastic to meet delegates in person again, in such an impressive location at Carlowrie Castle.

“Hosting training days and events is a key part of what we do at EthOss but the challenges of the pandemic have meant we’ve had to adapt and move a lot of what we do online.

“While we’ve been thrilled with how our webinar sessions have been received over the last year or so, face-to-face events just cannot be beaten and it’s a great feeling to be back out on the road, showcasing the benefits of EthOss® in person.

“We have more events planned, both here in the UK and hopefully internationally, too.”

A second EthOss Training Day, focused on ‘Grafting with EthOss’ is set to take place on 12 June at Celtic Manor in Newport, with talks from both Dr Peter Fairbairn and Dr Michael Ainsworth.

The event costs £50 + VAT to attend and can be booked via the Swallow Dental website.

Future events are also planned to take place in Manchester and London, with international events expected to resume soon, too.

Details of all future events will be posted on the EthOss website and social media channels.