November 17, 2022

Brilliant To Be Back Down Under with Mini-Roadshow

EthOss spent the last 2 weeks of October travelling through Australia on a mini roadshow to present a series of interactive seminars to a clinical network across the East Coast. It marked the first time EthOss made the 10,600mile trip since March 2020 due to the Covid restrictions – the team were delighted to return to the country famed for its natural wonders.

The series of events kicked off in Sydney at the InterContinental Hotel where Dr Fairbairn was joined by guest speaker Dr William Meades.  An experienced EthOss user based in Central Sydney, Dr Meades showcased several of his recent cases using the material.  As well as leading a hands-on mixing demonstration, Dr Fairbairn presented a selection of his large library of documented cases and reviewed some of the recent research into synthetic grafts and why their popularity is increasing.

EthOss was then invited to attend the Australasian Osseointegration Society’s AGM where Dr Fairbairn spoke to a group of around 80 delegates. Dr Fairbairn shared presenting duties at the event with Dr Costa Nicolopoulos from SameDay Implants Dubai who discussed his top tips for immediate implant placements along with showcasing cases using EthOss.

Next EthOss travelled up to Brisbane for the premiere dental event, ADX. The event spanned over 3 days and welcomed guests from across the country to explore the latest in dental technology and innovation.

Dr Peter Fairbairn said: “Another superb trip to this part of the world! We’re hearing lots of positive feedback from clinicians who use modern synthetics like EthOss to get the best patient outcomes with visible, predictable results and this rang true with the audience we met in Australia.

“We invest a lot of time in travelling to different countries to develop people’s knowledge and understanding of EthOss to ensure people have the best possible underpinning to perform skilful surgery from protocol to complex applications with ease and confidence.”

The Australian visit follows a long line of recent European trips including Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Lithuania, Moldova, Norway and Switzerland. This continues into next week when the company returns to France for the ADF Congress in Paris, followed by events in Albania, Latvia, Finland and London to close out the year.

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