January 24, 2020

Advanced Masterclass for EthOss Users

A fully booked Advanced EthOss Masterclass has taken place in Manchester this month, bringing together EthOss® users from across the clinical community.

The masterclass took place at the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute and Hospital in Manchester – a large centre for dental implant education in the UK, with more than 40 delegates in attendance.

Delegates heard presentations from EthOss founder Dr Peter Fairbairn, Dr Minas Leventis and Dr Andrew Fish focusing on a number of advanced EthOss® applications and techniques to help dental practitioners who are looking to use the material in more challenging and complex cases.  This included tunnel grafting, socket grafting, periodontitis, sinus grafting and advanced soft tissue management techniques.

Dr Fairbairn said: “It was fantastic to welcome the delegates to our Advanced EthOss Masterclass in the ideal surroundings of the ICE Postgraduate Dental Institute and Hospital in Manchester.

“Events such as this provide us with the opportunity to assist EthOss users in developing their skills with the material, giving them the tools and confidence to take on more challenging and complex cases.

“These masterclasses are proving to be a great way to bring the clinical community together, with delegates travelling from as far as Romania for this event, to develop their understanding in the advanced use of EthOss®.”

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