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Our Vision

Let’s start with why. At the core of EthOss is a vision to create better outcomes for patients – those who are vulnerable to the way we operate our business. Why? Because every human is entitled to honest, ethical care.

Our vision is to set the standard in True Host Bone Regeneration. We know that our vision is bigger than us and it goes beyond our company and our products. Together, working alongside dental communities we endeavour to end the use of unnecessary animal or human-derived content in bone augmentation procedures and create a better world with true host bone regeneration.

Creating a world of enlightened smiles – this is how we plan to actively live our vision and business operations…

Corporate Social Responsibility

“Ethical bone” is at the centre of everything we do.  It is even built into our name (Eth = ethical and Oss = bone).  Strong ethical principles are at the very core of how we identify as a business.

We believe our products are ethical.  By working with the host, upregulating its own healing response, and removing the need for animal/donor material we believe that we are improving the standard of care.

We recognise the responsibilities of an “ethical business” go further than products.  A strong ethical culture should permeate the entire business.  It’s our responsibility to ensure our impact on the world is positive through all of our actions – not just our products.

Working alongside multiple stakeholders, EthOss have committed to an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy covering the key areas of animals, the environment and people.


Our commitments:

We will never develop, manufacture or distribute products which contain any animal content.  This includes “xenograft” (often called ‘natural’ and commonly include bone sourced from cows, pigs and horses) and “allograft” (bone sourced from deceased humans) bone grafting materials and collagen membranes which are also derived from animal sources.

We are opposed to unnecessary animal testing and will not carry out any animal testing or experiments unless they are absolutely required by relevant medical device regulatory authorities.

We will reinforce these policies with annual donations to charities which provide care and support for animals around the world.

(Disclaimer: during the development of EthOss, in order to prove the efficacy of the material, a limited amount of testing on rabbits was completed.  The results from this testing have been used to secure regulatory approval for the material). 


Our commitments:

As an SME, we refuse to take the environment for granted. We acknowledge that it is not just the responsibility of larger healthcare companies to implement CSR policies. We too have a responsibility to create policies to support the reduction of our sector’s footprint on society.

We refuse to make this mistake.  We acknowledge that EthOss is a single-use product.  We recognise that it is provided in plastic packaging.  Neither of these facts is “good” for the environment.  It is our responsibility to attempt to balance out the necessarily stringent regulatory requirements for product safety and sterilisation whilst contributing positively to the world we live in.

We are actively working towards making as much of our packaging environmentally friendly as possible.  As well as being recyclable, we will also source recycled materials wherever we can.  We will work with our customers to encourage them to recycle.

We will do the same with our suppliers.  Whenever we search for suppliers we will analyse their environmental credentials, and if they don’t comply with our own high standards we will not consider them.  We will carry out annual audits of our existing suppliers to ensure they maintain appropriate standards and can back them up with actions.

As an international business, we are often required to travel overseas.  We will minimise the amount of travelling we undertake, using technology to host meetings remotely whenever possible.  We will proactively choose low-carbon flight options (even if they are more expensive).

We will make annual charitable donations to organisations providing care and support for our environment around the world.


Our Commitments:

People are key to our business.  Alongside our employees, we also feel a responsibility to our customers (clinicians) and their customers who actually receive EthOss treatments (patients).


All of our technology has been developed with the patient in mind, offering them an ethical, reliable and safe alternative to traditional, animal-derived treatments.

Our responsibilities do not end there – We also have a duty to educate patients on their procedure, removing stress and uncertainty whenever possible.  In an increasingly online world, this can be challenging and patients can find it difficult to sort through the multitude of content that could be damaging and misleading.

Our goal is to provide patients with all of the information they need about their entire implant procedure, being completely open and transparent about our materials and what they can expect from their treatment.


Training, education and professional development are a key part of any clinician’s role.  This is a serious responsibility of any supplier of innovative products which open up new treatment possibilities.

We understand education should not be limited to describing the benefits of our products, it should provide clinicians with genuine opportunities to grow.  Our training is delivered through the EthOss Academy.  This Academy is not financially focused – It exists purely to educate, inform and develop clinical knowledge.

We also encourage clinicians to share as many cases using EthOss as they can on our Facebook group, “EthOss Case Studies”.  We actively encourage dentists to post their failures on this group, alongside their successes, so we can assess where things went wrong and how we can avoid these problems in the future.  This group is completely controlled by the members – the only corporate involvement we have is deleting advertisements (of all kinds).


All EthOss staff sign up to a strict ethical code of practice.  We are a strictly anti-bribery, anti-corruption and anti-bullying company and proud to be an equal opportunities employer.  Our staff are tasked to treat everyone – customers, suppliers, co-workers – with respect and to be fair, transparent and ethical in all our business dealings.

Our values

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